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Hi there. I am Nick DeCandia, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), a nationally published author, and Founder of Den Publishing Company. Fear not, I've heard CPA stands for "Can't Pass Again", "Can't Pass Arithmetic" -  just to name a couple.  :-)  Ah, humor!  Now, I didn't set-out to write any books. As far as I'm concerned, these projects-books found me. 
It wasn't until senior year in high-school that I found out I had an ability to write. Senior year, third trimester we had options.  We could do something off school premises ("senior project" with approval).  One student ~built a car. Or we could stay in school and take "seminars".  I decided to take a poetry analyzing class with Anne Shepherd (my 10th Grade English teacher).  I'm not quite sure what motivated me, because Math was always my favorite subject, and poetry? Come on  :-).  Maybe I had something to prove. [This same teacher gave me the worst grade I'd ever seen (& deserved) for a book report I tried to bluff my way through - on a book I struggled to read at all "Moby Dick", "Failing - Totally Inadequate & Incoherent" was the book report grade. [Worst grade I'd ever received (by far) before or since. I should hope so, right? :) ]  But, I knew this teacher would not "pull any punches" - when it came to giving the proper grade.

I remembered two things Mrs. Shepherd emphasized about writing: 1) be specific and 2) give examples.  So, I focused in - on these poetry analyzing assignments with that in mind.  Sure enough, I received, "Outstanding" for one assignment, "Distinguished" for another, and "Excellent" for a third, etc. These grades meant so much more to me, because of the "Failing - , Totally Inadequate and Incoherent" grade I received from her two years earlier.  It was at this point in time, that I knew I had the capability to write well!  [By the way, while in High School I also became an Eagle Scout.]Anyway...

I attended the University of Notre Dame, where I obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree. [Math was my "forte" - remember.]  But, this writing ability served quite well - even in engineering school. For instance,
I remember spending about 3 days writing a paper for the class, "Nuclear Reactor Theory" and received a 94% on that paper.  I needed it - in that class! 

While in High School, I took some independent aptitude tests that recommended Business Finance and Accounting.  I ended up entering that field, first obtaining a Business Degree, with Concentrations in Finance and Accounting - where I became a lifetime member of the Golden Key National Honor Society. Upon graduation I entered the workplace via small business corporate accounting, and worked my way up to a "full-charge" bookkeeping position (and beyond). But, I wanted to put that book ("Full-Charge Bookkeeping") on my shelf. However, when I went to buy it, it wasn't there.  I searched  I searched the Copyright office.  It didn't exist! And, when I thought about it, I realized I knew the subject matter, and already knew that I could write well--when I applied myself.  So, I decided to take a stab at "Full-Charge Bookkeeping".  I spent a (very) significant amount of time writing it. In 2015, by request, we introduced our Certification program for Full Charge Bookkeepers:

"It's good..., right-on and good."
- G.H., CPA and Controller

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After careful consideration, I decided to start a publishing company.  The aptitude tests I had taken actually suggested starting/running a small business, in addition to accounting/finance. So, that works out fairly well.

Meanwhile, my mom was working on a children's book - based on a true story, that happened to her mother. My mom dropped the project, because of issues in getting it published. But, I knew she was disappointed, so I convinced her that we could finish it together. We found a talented, local university art student, via flyers and interviews, to illustrate it.  We signed a contract to purchase her work, and finish the book - we did!  It's based on the spirit of giving.  :-)

In 2004, my daughter entered Kindergarten, and wanted to learn to read.  So, I went to, and bought a couple of books (to remain unnamed).  I was surprised at how hard they were making it.  So, I asked a friend of mine how she had taught her son how to read.  He was reading at a second grade level in preschool. She said with three-letter words.  At that point, it dawned on me (glory to the Lord) -- if they knew 3 letter-sounds, they could read a 3-letter word.  And, if I put that word on a page with some graphic art, they could read a page. It worked amazingly well. My daughter went from just knowing the alphabet to reading short-vowel books in a semester.

"It's great!"
-C.C., Parent of elementary school students. 

"Andrew is having a ball. He takes it to bed with him."
-J.H., Grandparent of a 4 and 1/2 year old.
-many more testimonials-

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The first and second editions are titled My Child's First Reading Book (because it was my child's first reading book).
The 3rd Edition is titled Students' First Reading
The 4th (and most recent) Edition is titled The Phonics Reading
In 2014, we brought it back to include the alphabet, with Alphabet to Phonics:

Nicholas John DeCandia, BSME, CPA, BBA
Author & Founder, Den Publishing Company

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